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Foreign Numbers App Review

Do you struggle with numbers when learning a foreign language? I know that I do sometimes. I recently came across an app which is available on iOs and Android and is made with sole intent to help you master those tricky numbers. The app is called Foreign Numbers, it was made by a guy who is learning Turkish who found understanding numbers quickly rather difficult so he decided to make an app to help him and others. So let’s have a look at the app.

Available Languages

There are plenty of languages available, and more to be added in the future.

Game Modes

Foreign Numbers come with 6 game modes in total, however only 2 of them are available for free; timed and fill in the blank. The others you can try out without paying but to unlock them you need to pay a one time fee.

Timed – This game mode is basically a race against the clock, you can set the range of numbers you’re tested on i.e. 0-50, 0-100, 0-1000000000. I really like that the number range is customisable. You can also can the time limit. 


Fill in the blank – You’re given the first digit and have to fill in the blank, for example you might hear 20 and you’re given 2, so you need to fill in 0.

Ordinal Numbers (Paid) –  Similar to timed mode, except that you’re tested on ordinal numbers e.g. first, second, third.

Time (Paid) –  Great for testing yourself on times.


Time testing screen.


Phone Numbers (Paid) – This is a great mode for testing yourself with phone-numbers, which can always bit a bit tricky!



Phone number test


Maths (Paid) – Haven’t used this too much mainly because I hate maths 🙂 but useful if you want to practice your maths skill.

Coming soon features – Money and Decimals & Fractions.



Foreign Numbers is a great application to use in order to master numbers in a foreign language. The timed mode which is the main mode that I use is completely free and the app isn’t loaded with advertisements.

Languages available – There is a large number of languages to choose from, and the creator has plans to add more which is more than welcome!

Actually Useful – I feel that I get a lot from this app, it has one goal in mind to help to learn numbers in your chosen foreign language and I think it does exactly what it’s set out to do.

Design – I’ve been testing the app out on iOs and I really like the design, it’s simple, clean and most importantly user friendly. 


Price – While I think the app is great there are a few downsides, to unlock all the game modes there is a one time purchase of $9.99 which I think is a bit high for what the app it is, I understand that it helps to support the app and further development but the steep price puts me off a bit.

Text to Speech – If you’ve read some of my other reviews like my duolingo review, you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan apps that use text to speech. The robotic sounding voice of text to speech just doesn’t sound natural when compared to the real thing, however I understand that for the app creator it’s not all that practical to get recordings for each language.

Lack of motivating features – I feel the app could do with a scoreboard of some type, even something so that I can see my top scores for each game mode etc. I think adding some of these gamification type features would make this app more compelling to users, I for one really enjoy trying to beat my high-scores. There are challenges but these are pretty lacklustre e.g. leave a review, upgraded to plus, completed 10 games. I just think there is room to improve here.

Foreign Numbers App Review
November 3, 2017
A nicely designed and useful app to help you learn those tricky numbers. Could do with some gamification type features, or high-score boards.
7.5 Overall Score

A nicely designed and useful app to help you learn those tricky numbers. Could do with some gamification type features, or high-score boards.

User Engagement

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