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Netflix Language Codes

Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through Netflix trying to watch something? I’m sure most of us have been there at some stage. But did you know that the movies and series offered by Netflix only represent a small part of its actual catalogue. Most streaming services like Netflix rely on an efficient suggestion system that shows you the content that corresponds to your tastes, which means that sometimes it can be difficult to find a series or movie that differs from your usual habits. This can be useful for language learning as you can get straight to the content you want without fluffing about in menus searching for films or series.

Thankfully there’s an easy way to bypass this is by using codes that allow you to avoid the algorithms’ recommendations. All you have to do it paste the following URL in your browser:, followed by the code you wish to use. As an example, say I want to watch a New Zealand Film which is the code 63782, I type into my browser.

A selection of NZ films on Netflix by using a Netflix catagory code

Now if you’re using a Smart TV you won’t be able to type a URL however you can just type the code into the search bar and the content you’re looking for should appear.

Here’s the code for movies by country or area:

  • African Films: 3761
  • Asian Action Films: 77232
  • Australian Films: 5230
  • Belgian Films: 262
  • Chinese Films: 3960
  • Dutch Films: 10606
  • Eastern European Films: 5254
  • English Films: 10757
  • French Films: 58807
  • German Films: 58886
  • Greek Films: 61115
  • Indian Films: 10463
  • Irish Films: 58750
  • Italian Films: 8221
  • Japanese Films: 10398
  • Korean Films: 5685
  • Latin American Films: 1613
  • Middle Eastern Films: 5875
  • New Zealand Films: 63782
  • Russian Films: 11567
  • Scandinavian Films: 9292
  • Spanish Films: 58741
  • Taiwanese Films: 434295
  • Turkish Films: 1133133